Built for Zero

Columbia/Boone County is Built for Zero!

In April 2017, we joined the Built for Zero project which is a rigorous national change effort coordinated by Community Solutions, designed to help a committed group of US communities end chronic and Veteran homelessness measurably and sustainably.

Community Solutions is a Washington, D.C. non-profit with a proven track record of helping communities develop successful strategies to reduce and end chronic and veteran homelessness through their 100,000 Homes Campaign and Zero:2016 .

The 100,000 Homes Campaign helped communities learn how to end homelessness instead of just managing it. The campaign launched in July 2010 and successfully concluded in July 2014 by surpassing their goal and housing 105,580 across the country. The Zero:2016 project aimed to end chronic and veteran homelessness in 70 cities throughout the United States.  The project launched in January 2015 and communities successfully housed 61,000 people experiencing homelessness including 40,000 veterans.

Built for Zero continues to build on the success and lessons learned from these previous projects and we are thrilled to be learning best practices and proven strategies to help end and reduce homelessness in our community!